Eks Juventus Sebastian Giovinco Resmi Bela Jawara Liga Arab Saudi

By Dimas Wahyu Indrajaya - Minggu, 3 Februari 2019 | 09:08 WIB
Striker asal Italia, Sebastian Giovinco, saat beraksi membela klub MLS, Toronto FC.
Striker asal Italia, Sebastian Giovinco, saat beraksi membela klub MLS, Toronto FC.

BOLASPORT.COM - Mantan striker Juventus, Sebastian Giovinco, memutuskan memperkuat klub Arab Saudi mulai awal tahun 2019 ini.

Sebastian Giovinco memutuskan cabut dari klub Major League Soccer (MLS), Toronto FC, pada deadline bursa transfer musim dingin.

Striker asal Italia jebolan akademi Juventus itu memutuskan bergabung dengan juara Liga Arab musim lalu, Al-Hilal.

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Dilansir BolaSport.com dari ESPN, pemain jebolan akademi Juventus itu ditebus dengan harga di antara 2 juta hingga 3 juta dollar Amerika.

Giovinco pun sudah mengucapkan salam perpisahan pada Toronto akhir Januari lalu.

"Saya berterima kasih pada fan dan rekan setim untuk empat tahun yang spesial bermain bagi Toronto FC," ucap pria 32 tahun itu lewat akun Instagram-nya.

Lihat postingan ini di Instagram

Toronto has been home to me and my family for almost 5 years. I arrived here from Italy in January 2015 and immediately felt something special. From day one, I worked hard to repay the opportunity that Toronto had given me. From that first year, I realized that we could do great things here. Through hard work, passion and determination my teammates and I transformed TFC and made it one of the best clubs in MLS and in North America. We didn’t do this alone. Without our great fans this would not have been possible. I can confidently say that I significantly contributed in making unprecedented history at TFC. We wrote a new chapter in the club’s history, together. All for One. This journey has been a wonderful experience for my family and me. It’s without hesitation that I can say that I wanted it to end differently. As I have always maintained, I was hoping to renew my contract and finish my playing career in a city that feels like home. It is here where my daughter was born and where my son took his first steps on a football pitch. A place my family loves to live and wanted to call home for good. Unfortunately, this desire of ours has clashed with a change in direction with current TFC management. For the 2 years I have been seeking to extend my contract however management was reluctant. Recently, after refusing to exercise the club option for 2020, I was offered terms that I deemed unacceptable. They may say I left for a more lucrative deal, but this is not the case. Their offer and lack of transparency is a clear message. It seems management prefers to focus on things other than the pure desire to win. After having grown the brand and elevating the overall reputation of TFC both at home and abroad, it seems I no longer serve a purpose. I would have accepted less to stay in Toronto. Therefore, I reluctantly announce that my tenure as a TFC player has come to an end. I will now focus my attention and efforts towards another challenge. With me I bring beautiful memories. Toronto - the 6ix - you are and will always remain in my heart. Thank you for everything you have taught me about myself and about life. I love you Toronto! Seba

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Sebastian Giovinco (@sebagiovincoofficial) pada

Pemain dengan julukan Si Semut Atom itu memiliki performa yang mengesankan bersama Toronto.

Ia mencetak 73 gol dan 57 assist saat dipercayakan tampil sebanyak 125 kali di kompetisi domestik.

Penampilannya yang mencuri perhatian membuat namanya sering dikaitkan dengan klub besar Eropa yang berkeinginan memboyongnya, salah satunya adalah Arsenal.

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